Elizabeth Williams

I have been a fully qualified, insured Reflexologist since 1994 when I graduated from The British School Of Reflexology.


Since then I have continued to study and add skills, to enhance my work. I am a fully qualified Crystal Therapist, and a practitioner of Reiki, Bach Flower Essences and Chirokinetic Therapy.


My aim is always to look for and address the underlying root causes of presenting conditions. To achieve this I have developed my own unique way of working, incorporating the linking techniques of Precision Reflexology and the use of crystals. 


Precision Reflexology, developed by Pru Miskin is powerful and effective, it adds a light touch called linking, on reflex points to focus the body’s energy to areas where it is most needed.

I have discovered that the use of crystals on specific reflex points further enhances and deepens the therapeutic effects of Reflexology.


Each session reflects my sensitivity to your needs as they unfold. I offer each client the additional support of Flower Remedies and self-help Hand Reflexology techniques to use at home between sessions. 

Elizabeth Williams Reflexologist