Why Reflexology?

Choosing Reflexology is a way of investing in yourself and giving your mind and body the opportunity to restore and maintain good health. One of the main benefits of a Reflexology session is that it allows the body and mind to relax. When the mind and body are given space to relax deeply, they are far more able to function efficiently and restore balance. 


Reflexology focuses on the whole person as a unique, complex being, rather than just a body experiencing physical symptoms. We are all more than just our physical bodies, we have minds that produce thoughts, we have feelings and emotions. It is now widely accepted that our thoughts, feelings and emotions have a direct effect on our well-being. Symptoms are our bodies’ way of alerting us wider issues that need to be addressed.


The reflex points that Reflexology focuses on seem to be connected not only to the thousands of nerve endings in the feet, but also to the vital life force energy, which flows through every cell of our bodies and is part of our electro-magnetic energy field. Our energy is directly affected by the energy of our thoughts, state of mind, feelings and emotions.


Stress and tension take their toll on our physical, mental and emotional well being and can manifest in physical discomfort, pain and illness. The reduction of stress is regarded as being one of the major factors in maintaining good health. 

Reflexology is not used to diagnose or offer a cure to health problems, however millions of people around the world use it to maintain well being and to complement other treatments when addressing conditions such as stress, anxiety, back pain and headaches.  Helping stress and aiding pain management are two of the most common reasons people seek out Reflexology.


Reflexology is not a form of medical treatment and is not intended to replace medical treatment. It is complementary to any care provided by your medically qualified healthcare professional. Reflexologists do not diagnose nor claim to cure any medical condition. It is your responsibility to consult a medically qualified doctor regarding any symptoms or illness and to inform your doctor of that you have chosen to have Reflexology in addition to the care he/she is providing you with.